Jo Bemis

Jo Bemis

Jo Bemis is a painter based on the Isle of Wight.

As a child, the beautiful coastal scenery formed her earliest influences. She loved to draw, and was never without a sketchbook.

Her love for wild, rugged landscapes and the ocean was strengthened after a visit to North Cornwall, where she became captivated by the exposed, rocky coastline and luminous, rolling surf of the Atlantic.

Jo’s work involves much observation and preparatory sketching. A lot of time is spent on wind-blown cliffs, watching the energy of water as the tide turns.

Charcoal and pastel are used to record tones and colours, and capture life and movement; often of water, but sometimes a different subject, such as wild Carneddau ponies in the mountains of Snowdonia, or flocks of Hebridian sheep grazing near her home.

I find the sea a fascinating subject to paint, and it’s always a challenge to express the spirit and energy of the ocean in different ways. J.B.

All images © Jo Bemis